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Closing Weekend Schedule

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P L A Y O F F S  &  C L O S I N G  W E E K E N D


We are drawing to a close of our 51st season. This year there have been over 450 games played by 450+ kids on 49 teams including our Unionville Spartans. As you can image that’s a lot of fields and umpires and coaching volunteers. Of course that’s just this year but it goes to show how many families the association has been involved with, the previous 50 seasons.


Be Sure to THANK our AMAZING Volunteers:  Unionville Minor Softball’s greatest strength is our wonderful and dedicated volunteers. Please be sure to take the time to thank your team’s coaches for giving their valuable time which enabled you to enjoy a summer full of fun. As one of the largest mixed softball organizations in the area we should be proud that we have both parents and community members that give their time and make our organization so special. Our President, Pamela Branoff & Directors Sasho C., Kal K., Tara C., Shelley C., Jennifer H., Cory S, and this year’s convenors, Connie Y., Kris H., Desiree VB., Grace L., Shelley C., they along with our young members wish to thank the long list of other volunteers such as the scorekeepers, equipment sorters, and everyone else who helped make this season a success. A special thanks to the Cvetkovskis & the Wozniaks for their extra help during clinics and equipment.


Sponsors: Remember to thank and support our sponsors as they are an intricate part of our success. Above and beyond their house league sponsorship.

Argosy Securities Inc. Baskin Robbins   Cap Advisors   Chameleon Consulting(3)   Dairy Queen   Dr. Gary Lau Optometry Clinic   Dr. Koo (Creamsicles)   Ed’s Fine Imports   E.W. Bowyer Inc. Exco Tooling Solutions   Heather Colt   Hunter Sports I.R.P. Industrial Rubber   Johnson & Johnson Lashes & Lipstick   Markham Auto Repair   Markham Fair   Markham Green Golf Club   Markville Transmission Martin Daniel Interiors   Morrison Contracting   Next Door Restaurant   Scholastic   South Unionville Oral Surgery St. Mary’s Cement Sylvia Morris Century 21(2) The Lunch Lady   The Mitchell Partnership The Promotional Way(2) Third Eye Capital Tip Top   Tower Litho   Wellington Way Rent All   Winds of Change Counselling(2)


Lunch: For all divisions, team members will receive a coupon for a hot dog and beverage from their coach after their first Saturday game. Remember to obtain your players lunch coupons from your coach as they will not be given out on an individual basis. These must be redeemed on September 7th at the UMSA BBQ “Bronze Tent” at Crosby. Family members & Fans, please support the association by purchasing your lunch and snacks at the BBQ. Trust us, the “Spartan Burger” is a HOMERUN! Food & Beverage tickets are available for purchase at the “Red Tent”. Drinks/Snacks and freezies will be sold over the weekend at the Snack Shack behind Crosby home plate.


Skills Challenge: Always a exciting highlight of our closing weekend. During the lunch break on September 7th, we will hold our annual skills challenge for the T-3 Pitch and above divisions. Again this year, coaches will select various competitors from their team to partake in 3 events! For T-3 Pitch players will compete in Running Relay(3)& Target Throw(2) for a total of 5 players. For Coach Pitch & Five Pitch, players will compete in Team Throwing Relay(3), Running Bases(2) & Target Throw(1) for a total of 6 players. Mite, Squirt, Novice/Bantam, Peewee/Bantam players will compete in Throwing Relay(4), Running Relay(2) and target throw competition(1) for total of 7 players. All teams must submit different players for each event. Coaches will receive detailed instructions and challenge schedule prior to weekend. All are encouraged to come and cheer on your teammates! Coaches – we will need your assistance during the skills challenge, please confirm how you will help via e-mail or to your convenor.


Fundraising: Always a hit is our lollipop pull where everyone is a winner! $2.00 for one pull and $5.00 for 3, this will be set up at Crosby near the raffle draw prizes. On Saturday September 7th, the association will also be holding a raffle draw for a variety of prizes. Prizes will include Jays tickets, gift certificates, softball equipment, and much more! Visit the Red Tent on Saturday to see all the prizes and to purchase your tickets. The draw will be made on Saturday September 7th at the end of completed games @ Crosby Main Diamond. Prizes can be claimed on Sunday September 8th before 1pm at Crosby. We are still looking for prize donations, let us know if you can help.


Headquarters & Scoring : UMSA will be set up at Crosby’s Main Diamond, under a white Tent (separate from the BBQ tent), this is where score sheets will be turned in by the home team prior to tally time. All teams are to text their scores immediately after each game’s completion. Coaches see your info package for texting format and specific details. This tent and area is restricted to coaches only (no players). The scores will be tallied and trophies will be distributed at the scheduled time for those teams not advancing to Sunday. Trophies for final games will be given out at the designated diamond on Sunday Sept. 8th. Teams must be represented by their coach with score sheet at the tally time. There will be one trophy/award per player, only players on team rosters will be awarded a trophy. Sorry, if you break it, it cannot be replaced, remember to handle with care!


2019 Playoff Rules

Regular UMSA season rules apply, with the following exceptions:

  1. Both teams are responsible for placing or adjusting bases. The winning team of the games marked with a ** must remove, store & lock-up all bases in the small UMSA blue box
  2. Teams must prepare a defensive line up prior to the 1st Pitch and show to the umpire that it has been prepared (not for review by the umpire). Then exchange a copy of this defensive line-up with the opposing team. These copies of line- ups (each game) will accompany the official score sheet (home team) when handed into the Scoring Tent at Crosby. Players must be rotated as per division rules. Failure to do so will result in the offending team losing the runs in their most productive inning. Discrepancies must be noted at the end of the inning in which the offence took place to the umpire. A note will then be made and ruling on the offense will be made at, or prior to, tally time by 3 designated officials. NOT by the Umpire.
  3. Players may only be substituted to replace an injured player.
  4. Home team is determined by the flip of a coin 5 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.
  5. Umpire is the official timekeeper. First pitch is at the scheduled start time.
  6. All playoff games are no new inning after 80 minutes from the scheduled start. If home team is ahead in the bottom of the last inning the game is over or as soon as the home team goes ahead.
  7. Mercy rules are in effect for all playoff games. In the Consolation and Championship games, there will be no new inning after 80 minutes and no curfew. All innings must be completed. The mercy runs per inning are only in effect for the first 4 innings. In inning 5, 6 or 7 there is no mercy.    If the final inning of the consolation or championship game ends in a tie, the score will be taken from the previous inning where there was no tie – except for Novice & Peewee Bantam Boys ties will be broken using International Tie Breaker Rules.
  8. Delay of the game – 1 warning from the ump then forfeiture of the runs in the most productive inning. No infield warm- up after the first inning in Mites and above, except the allotted 5 warm-up pitches. After 5 pitches, any additional pitches will be counted as strikes if the batter is not ready.
  9. To avoid delay, if there are two outs and the catcher is on base, he/she must be replaced by the last out in order to put on the equipment.
  10. Home team is the official scorekeeper. Batting line-ups must be listed including players full names & numbers.
  11. Both teams must confirm scores after every half-inning.
  12. Score sheets, from all playoff games included must be signed by both coaches & the umpires. Scores must be reported and game sheets & position sheets handed in. Home teams please note: All official score sheets (home team) are to be handed in, including those from the weeknight playoff games, to the score tent PRIOR to the scheduled tally time. However, immediately after each game on Friday, September 6th and Saturday, September 7th BOTH teams must text scores to (416) 278-2548. The text should read division code, home team score, away team score Diamond & Time. Example:
    CP #2 -14
    CP #3 – 16
    Parkview 6:15pm

Final placement will be determined by total points. 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 points for a loss.

a) Head to head in a full round-robin (not valid in Mite Boys & Squirt Boys 2019)
b) Total runs against divided by innings played defensively.
c) Total runs for divided by innings batted.

Please help UMSA by volunteering on Closing Weekend, email us with a time where you can help! Also donations for our promotional draws would be welcome!

UMSA asks Coaches & Umpires only to use our cell during the weekend. Remember sending a text is easier on Saturday the 7th & Sunday the 8th from 8am to 6pm. However please limit the number & include who you are.

There are 43 teams playing 90 plus games during the playoffs!


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