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2014 Spartans Peewee Boys

It has been my pleasure to coach this group of young men throughout the 2014 Select fastpitch softball season.  I would first and foremost like to thank the parents who did more than just drive the boys to practice and tournaments; they were always part of the team and helped out in so many ways including assistant coach, manager, scorekeeper, tournament hosts, and diamond maintainers.  Most importantly, they were our SPARTAN cheering squad.  Our success this year was a team effort and you are part of the team, thank you.  With a number of returning players and a few new ones we began the season with practices to shake out the off-season dust and get into the game.  Jared, Nathan, Sarkis, Jeremy, Terry, Kenneth, Joshua, Alex, Danny, Archayan and Zach worked hard and it didn’t take long until we were busy hosting the first tournament of the season.  By the afternoon the bronze medal was in sight but at the end of the day it was not meant to be.  The Unionville tournament was a good start to the season and we were more aware of our strengths and of areas needing more practice.  A few more weeks on the field and we were ready for the Woodbridge tournament.  With school out and vacation season in full swing the 11 player roster was already short by 1 and another knew he had to leave before the end of the tournament.  If we made it to the finals we were prepared to play with just 9, then the unthinkable happened, early in the first game of the day, Zach went down hard at 3rd and immediately we knew something was wrong.  A broken wrist, not only did we lose Zach for the rest of the day but for the entire season.  The boys played hard and earned a spot in the bronze medal game, but by that time they were a team of 8 and no matter how hard they tried, there were just too many holes in the defence – another 4th place finish.  A few more weeks of practice, some new positioning and we were ready to go again, this time to Georgina.  With a couple of strong games early in the tournament the boys earned a spot in the gold medal game and we anxiously waited to see who we would play.  When all the scores were tallied it was Stouffville taking their place in the other dugout.  Many of the boys who played on the 2013 Spartans team remember a gold medal game between Unionville and Stouffville.  We finished with silver medals that time so there was great excitement for this year’s match up.  The score went back and forth and back and forth and Stouffville had the lead as we went up to bat in the bottom of the last inning.  With Spartan Spirit the boys battled hard and a tremendous cheer rose as the winning run crossed the plate.  GOLD!!!  Smiles were shining brighter than the medals around their necks.  The final tournament of the season was the OASA Provincials hosted by Unionville.  Eleven teams from across the province were determined to play their best and have success, the Spartans included.  Zach was able to rejoin us but was unable to play so he became Captain Zach.  It was a long day and the final games where scheduled to be played “under the lights”.  Several months of training and practice paid off and the boys ended up in the bronze medal finals again.  It was excellent softball and the two teams traded the lead several times throughout the game.  When the final out was called the 2014 Unionville Peewee Spartans were Provincial Bronze Medalists!!  If anyone teases you about playing softball instead of hardball just tell them, “there’s nothing soft about it … it just leaves a bigger bruise.” Congratulations on a great season!

Coach Eric

Congratulations to the Unionville SPARTANS Peewee Boys for their Bronze Medal win in the OASA Provincial Championships August 16, 2014 and their Gold Medal win in Gerogina, Saturday July 12, 2014!

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