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First up, Vaughan.


Going into our first tournament, many of the girls were unsure what to expect; however that didn’t stop the team from winning their very first game of the season. Although it wasn’t looking too good at the beginning, a few great plays and some awesome hits later, the girls managed to pull ahead and secure the win against the Aurora Diggers.


Going into the next few games with only 8 players was slightly daunting- however the girls pulled together and played a great two games.


Next up-Unionville.


Unionville tournaments are always exciting, and this one was no exception. Joined by new team member Caroline (and thank goodness!), the girls played a strong few games. Incredible pitching by Jennifer and Asia, and a few amazing (like seriously amazing) catches from Lauren on first base made for some extremely exciting softball!  Also highly noteworthy, Diana- our resident third basemen held her ground and stopped multiple runners from stealing off her. Some great hits by her as well!


Then- Richmond Hill.


Although unfortunately losing team member Sonia to a fractured thumb, (neither injury nor bad weather could stop Sonia from coming out and cheering on her team) the girls once again pulled through and had an amazing tournament (with the help of a few call-ups- thanks again Kaylyn!). The girl’s improvement could be seen from the moment they stepped on the diamond. There was an air of maturity and seriousness on the bench- but that didn’t stop the girls from cheering as loud and as proud as they possibly could (so loud, and so proud in fact, that the Brampton coaches informed us that the girls infectious cheers had made their way into their house league games, all throughout the league.  Now THAT’S spirit). Also, credit is due to Julia- for her amazing hitting this tournament! Way to go Julia! Sabryn also deserves major credit for stepping up when the team needed a pitcher this tournament. Strike after strike, she managed to hold her ground and proved herself to be a valuable pitcher.




In Whitby, as always, the girls played an awesome few games. Asia’s solid pitching throughout the day kept the scores close, and the girls on their feet. As well, Athena definitely proved herself this tournament with some great plays at second. Awesome job Athena- you’re incredible (and don’t forget it!).




Now Oakville is where things really started to heat up. Versus Brampton, tight plays and sneaky steals kept us ahead throughout the first few innings. Strong leadership by Jennifer on the mound and in the field proved to be one of our greatest assets this game. Can’t forget the incredible plays by Larissa at shortstop and third either!


Our next game we went in determined- this was another close one. Largely due to Sherry- our fearless base runner. Never afraid to steal a base, she definitely scored more than a few runs this game.


Our last game against Brantford was looking so good at the start, but the girls rallied together to come back from an incredible 2-11 deficiency. Although time restraints prevented us from finishing the game, there is no doubt the girls would have come out on top. Way to go girls!


And finally- Brantford.


The OSSTA’s were an exciting time. Despite the terrible conditions, the girls were excited and couldn’t wait to show off their skills. Emma proved herself to be an unbelievable catcher throughout the entire season. Her energy (even in the 30 degree weather) and quick reflexes prevented runners from scoring. We even saw some great pitching from her in Brantford!  Always enthusiastic Caroline made some great plays as well. Always on top of the ball, it didn’t matter where we put her- she was always on top of things.  As always the girls came together and played their hardest. We couldn’t have asked for a more enthusiastic and lively team.


Throughout the season, SPARTAN veterans Jennifer, Emma, and Asia proved themselves to be the leaders of the team. Encouraging and enthusiastic, they were always willing to help out their fellow teammate. Thanks so much girls!


No matter what the weather (or the score) the girls always managed to have fun and finished every game with a smile on their face. It was a great season and we can’t wait to see you girls next year!




Laura, Shannon & Julia


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